Speed Stacks is the leader in Sport Stacking recognized around the world as the #1 stacking resources for teachers, parents and students. In addition, Speed Stacks cups and the StackMat competition timer are the only official cups and timing device endorsed by the World Sport Stacking Association (WSSA).

Everything you want to know about Speed Stacks and Sport Stacking is right here. Thanks for making a stop in our Sport Stacking World!


Every Australian School qualifies for a FREE Complimentary Pack with their first order, which includes a set of Speed Stacks, our Stacker Training DVD and further ordering information for your school. Please click here to contact us to request your free set today with your first purchase.

(Limit- one set per school)


Our mission here at Speed Stacks Australia is to establish Sport Stacking programs by sharing it with Schools. We offer free school workshops within Victoria where students and Teachers alike can be introduced to Sport Stacking with a “hands on”, fun and informative day of activities tailored to your schools needs. We also offer a staff only workshop during which your Staff will receive step by step instruction and “hands on” experience on how to introduce Sport Stacking to their students.  They’ll walk away with the confidence they need to teach Sport Stacking. Click here to contact us to schedule your free workshop.


Invite us to talk at your School Sports Association meeting, Conference or set up a display at your District, Zone, and Regional or Inter-State event. In conjunction with WSSA Australia we will set up Inter-School competitions and leagues for interested schools in your District, Zone or Region. This will include FREE School workshops and FREE Complimentary Packs for all of your schools involved. Please click here to contact us for further information.

Please note that the FREE workshops are only available in Victoria at this stage. Staff workshops for all other States and Territories will be held in the future. Please register your interest with us by clicking here.


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